Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Looking for new Contributors

Hello all

Sorry I have been away so long.  I have been busy with work and life has bogged me down.  I am coming back though and relatively soon.  In the mean time I will be looking for new Contributors to post here on the site and I will be Renaming the site also.  So expect a new banner and new contributors here on the blog.

Contributors who wish to join up.  Private message me with a few things. 

1. Skype Name ((Will use this in a staff manner in order to bang out new ideas for the future of the blog and later down the road potential joint Podcast))
2. What you want to Blog About.  ((Currently looking for Game Reviewers, Anime Reviewers, Music Reviewers, another Movie Reviewer))
3. At least two examples of reviews you have done.
4. References if you have written other places before.
5. Why you want to join my team.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Final Updates and Renovation of site

Okay faithful readers.  I have decided in order to move forward with Project Generation Nerd.  I am going to Rename the site to a new name.  I will be taking on new contributors.  Each contributor will have an option to run their own individual podcast and will ultimately gain a spot on the Generation Nerd Podcast and Webshow.  I look forward to bloging in the renamed site with the contributors I will pick to write and speak here.  

Please mind out dust so-to speak.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Demon Souls To end

Toted as one of the toughest games by game sellers and casual players.  Demon Souls a game in which you can use the online function to get tips and various other things from other players including being able to watch and see how another person went about the same scenario you are in.  Will be shutting down it's North American servers on May 31, 2012.  ATLUS Games said that prior to the shut down of the servers, they will be holding two events next month for the game (May 1-15 and May 16-31).  ATLUS also has been encouraging players of the game to sign in on May 31st to say their final goodbye to the online portion of Demon Souls.  The single player portion will remain unaffected.

Having never played the game myself I am not really effected as much as hardcore players of the game.  I did follow it with interest but I just never had the time to sit down and play it.  A few of my friends who played Demon Souls enjoyed the Online Style of play and the story behind it.  When I gave them the news they were shocked but ultimately said it was about time the game has been going on for a few years and it was time to say goodbye.

If you are a fan of the game by all means you can play it online until 11:59pm May 31, 2012.  But after that expect not to be able to connect to their servers in North America.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Next Companion

Though it saddens me to say this.  Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill will be leaving during Series 7 of Doctor Who.  Steven Moffat head writer of Doctor Who stated in a press confress that Amy and Rory will be leaving in the fifth Episode during an encounter with the Weeping Angels.  The Weeping Angels who were first introduced in series 3 (An episode written by Moffat) in the episode known as Blink.  They are notorious for their ability to be fast and stealthy.  "Don't blink.  Blink and you're dead." The Tenth Doctor.  I am against Amy and Rory leaving but the show must go on and so must Companions leave the doctor's side.........  Unless you are Rose Tyler and if you complain enough the Doctor will make a clone of himself and have his clone marry you.

BUT THE BIG NEWS.  The Next Companion, who has since not been given a name.  Is played by, Jenna-Lousie Coleman, she has been in a few UK productions and was also in Captain America: The First Avenger.  I look forward to getting to know this new companion while she will have huge shoes to fill.  I hope against hope that she will be just as good as Amy.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Carmen Sandiego and other News

Instead of releasing games that may actually be fun, Wii continues to disappoint with it's kid educational stuff.  Bringing back a series from when I was a kid.  Carmen Sandiego the worlds Greatest Thief,  who taught us all about Geography and History and Space as we searched for her and the stuff she stole.  Will now be teaching kids math on The Wii.  I can see it now "OH NOES SOMEONE HAS STOLEN THE ANSWERS TO THESE MATH QUESTIONS........."

A Doctor Who MMO, Yes just YES when this one comes out I will be playing it.  Hell Yes.  I know it is nerdy but damnit I hope it is awesome.

News:  I am trying to save up money so that I can start going to gaming and Anime Conventions.  This way I can get potential news from Sources such as creators and Voice Actors.  CAUSE THAT WOULD BE BADASS.

Projects:  Working on something and saving up money on the side to fund this new potential project.  I will keep you all posted as to when I get a time table to get this project off the ground.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A possible return of Firefly?????

While listening to Nerdist Podcast.  Nathan Fillion was the main guest where the Podcast episode 65 was recorded.  A lot of talk on the show about Nathan possibly buying Firefly from Joss Whedon.  There was also mention of a fan of Nathan's who started a website specifically to help Nathan raise money so he could in fact buy Firefly.  I for one hope that Firefly returns my fellow nerd friends got me into the show and I would watch the new episodes if they do happen to get made.

In other news, some critics have stated praise for the Sequel to Final Fantasy XIII.  Not so much for it's story but more so for it's gameplay.  XIII-2 has corrected it's mistakes that it made in XIII, you do still only control one character in battle at a time BUT, should that character fall in battle it isn't instant game over.  The time travel aspect is said to be interesting and gives the game a new flavor.  I may have to go out and buy this one.  One because I am a fan of the FF series and 2 because I was going to buy it regardless. 

Good news the voting of SOPA has been put down due to Over Whelming  responses to senators and house reps.  The people of America of all parties came together to stop this idiotic act.  Is it over trying to censor the internet is an on going thing.  But this news is old.  I am sure as we speak the lobbyists and the entertainment companies are going to try again.

In closing I am hoping that Firefly returns and XIII-2 will be bought and played especially if it is as good as people say it is.  We must remain vigilante and keep an eye on our government so that they don't try to sneak censorship legislation through the cracks.

Good day and I will see you guys in the new month.  I had a wonderful near month off and I feel recharged.  I have a slue of projects in mind and look forward to bring them to the team and hopefully to all of you.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vance McRory

Vance McRory
Born: August 1, 1974 – Embraced: August 5, 1994

The Early Years:  Vance was born to a moderately wealthy middle class family in the city of Boston being from a father and mother who were both Irish.  Vance’s father and mother ran a Pub a few blocks away from Fenway Park, it was a bar where both Criminal and Cop could be sitting next to each other drinking a beer and then be back on the streets enemies again.  Vance was treated with a good amount of respect from the other kids because of his heritage and the Reputation of his father.  Growing up in Boston Vance learned quickly that only smartest and most cunning survived and with his good grades along with his street smarts he did just that he survived. 

Throughout middle and high school, Vance excelled despite a few trips to juvenile detention.  It wasn’t until his junior year of High School where Vance met his girl friend Kaitlin Cray a local girl and daughter to a known Irish Mob Boss.  Even with who she was Vance tried to better himself for her, so that he could be the type of man she would be proud to bring home to her father.  The Crays and The McRorys became close friends as their children grew closer.  Even up after Vance and Kaitlin got accepted into Boston University the two families remained close.  Vance majored in Criminal Justice and minored in religious studies and became fascinated by the darker aspects of religious beliefs.  This eventually branched off into studying about supernatural beings in his free time.  Where he became friendly with a local Occult book store owner who unknown to Vance until much later was a ghoul to his soon to be sire. 

The Embrace:  One seemingly normal night at the local library Vance had been studying for a final in his political science class.  His studies had been interrupted by the smell of cinnamon mixed with Vanilla.  Much to his shock and amazement a beautiful Red Headed woman sat across from him with a hauntingly beautiful smile.  Even as the mysterious woman talked him into going to a club with her he could feel Kaitlin’s engagement ring weighting heavily in his pocket.  At the end of the night the woman had introduced herself as Sarah and the two split ways after she slipped her tongue down his throat for a goodbye kiss.

The next couple of nights were the same, Vance would meet with Sarah and go to a club each night he would stay out longer and longer some nights he would sleep with Sarah and not go home at all.  With each passing night Kaitlin would worry and go searching and find nothing of her boyfriend only to have him turn up close to noon tired and disheveled.

At the end of the second week during one of their nightly outings in the middle of a particularly hot meeting Sarah turned Vance.  The pain was intense as the sickeningly sweet Blood of his now sire trickled down his throat and brought the gift of unlife to his drained body.  He felt like his body was trying to destroy itself but then it stopped and the pain eased away.  

The Haunting of Vance McRory:  The one time in a vampire’s unlife where Frenzy is considered natural and un-punishable because of the circumstances.  The first night of unlife when the Beast takes complete control and all you can do is feed.  This particular night would forever etch itself into Vance’s memory.  He awoke to a crying Kaitlin stroking the hair behind his ear as she often did when she would spend the night with Vance.  Kaitlin smiled when he awoke and wiped a tear away from her eyes just glad to see him awake.  Unsure of what to do like a frightened newborn Vance listened half heartedly as Kaitlin explained how she came to be with him in this unfamiliar place.  The pangs of hunger got stronger and stronger, he imagined hearing Kaitlin’s heart beating or was it two heart beats he couldn’t be sure.  But then it happened like a raging grizzly Vance pushed Kaitlin to the wall.  The beast had taken him and with it Kaitlin lost the man she loved.

As Vance fed off the life force of the woman he had loved for so long a single word seeped through the unbridled rage of the beast “Baby”.  But it was too late he killed her and their unborn child.  As the rage slipped away he cradled the broken bloody body that had once been his love and mother to his child.  He screamed in rage unable to cry as he punched the walls of his sire’s home.  As his rage subsided sitting in a chair was the ghost of Kaitlin holding a ghostly male child.  “From this day forward until your time ends I will never forgive you for what you have done you broke our love and killed us both.”  The ghost seemingly faded from site.  But it would not be the last time he would see her.  He looked down at the body and slipped into unconiousness.

The Second Life:  The night life in Boston on the nights he had off from his job monitoring the crazies Patrick Crowley would haunt night clubs.  Picking up women fully aware that despite how well built the female’s boyfriend was he knew he could take them in a fight.  As he walked around the room when he awoke from his nap he noticed a few things a dead female and his clothes were bloody.  He looked around panicked for a moment before collecting his thoughts and then with a surge of strength  and adrenaline he quickly wrapped the body in a throw rug and picked up the dead woman and snuck out to his car and put her in the trunk. 

Once he was in the car, he made his way down to the docks and after attaching the wrapped up body in chains and then some cinder blocks he found nearby.  With what seemed like ease to him he hurled the body into the harbor and watched the body sink.  He drove as fast as he could back to the apartment to get cleaned up and threw out his bloody clothes deciding to burn them later he washed furiously and put on fresh clothes he found waiting for him.  He heard knocking on the door and a woman calling for a man named Vance.  “NO ONE HERE BY THAT NAME TRY NEXT DOOR.”  The voice on the other side said she would return when Vance did.  Whatever that meant, all he knew is he had to leave and had to go clear his head.  He never made it out of the front door as a needle was punctured into his neck and he dropped.

Boston A City of perils and Dreams:  Vance would spend the better part of 17 years working for his clan and the cities Prince.  He did odd jobs including collecting the newly turned for their appearances in court to meet with the prince.  He had learned much but it was time for him to strike out on his own in a new city.  He packed up his things and arranged for apartment in New Orleans and to follow protocol of the Masquerade made plans to meet with the Prince to tell him or her that he would be staying in their city.

He was hoping that in New Orleans he would find escape from his ghost and be able to start a new despite the various voices that talked to his mind when he least wanted them too.